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5-7 pieces



16-18 pieces

Learn More Furnish your apartment with a few essential pieces, a complete package or anything in between.

1 Bedroom

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8-10 pieces



22-24 pieces

Learn More Furnish your apartment with a few essential pieces, a complete package or anything in between.

2 Bedroom

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12-14 pieces



28-32 pieces

Learn More Furnish your apartment with a few essential pieces, a complete package or anything in between.

What’s included:

Design Consultation

Zero-obligation 30 min virtual design appointment to discuss all your design needs and aspirations – book yours today!

2 Design Ideations

Get your place just the way you want it by working one-on-one with our designers.

3D Space Plan and Moodboards

A design plan for your apartment, based on your personal style and practical choices.

Delivery, Placement and Pick-up

Rest assured, we always do the heavy lifting for you – delivery, placement and pick-up of your package is on us.

Furniture Care

Because we care about the condition of every piece you get, as much as you do, we inspect, clean, and refurbish all our furniture before it gets to your home.

Exclusive Perks

Access to promotions for design & rental packages and discounts on purchases at IN/RESI Boutique.


How it Works

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Our design & furnishings rental packages are created to provide you with an easy and accessible way to furnish your home. Our curated furnishings collections have been designed to fit your space without having to incur the up-front costs, design fees, and time commitment involved in designing and furnishing your space.
With IN / RESI you simply select your unit, style, and package and we do the rest.

What happens after my design consultation?

A member of the IN / RESI team will contact you with a proposed space plan and moodboards for your space. You will have 2 ideations included with your package to make any additional changes to your design and furnishing pieces that make your space just right. After your furniture items, terms and delivery are finalized, you will receive an electronic rental agreement which must be signed and returned to confirm your rental. Once all the paperwork is in order, we will schedule your delivery date.

Is there a minimum rental package term?

Typically, the minimum package rental term is 12-months.  However, we aim to match your rental term to your apartment lease, therefore your actual serntal term may vary depending on your apartment lease.

Can I renew my package rental?

Yes.  At the end of your rental term, if you plan to extend your lease or remain in the same building community, you can easily renew your rental for the same term as your new lease.  Renewal package within the same unit will receive a 10% discount.

What happens at the end of my rental period?

If you are not renewing your lease, your rental term will end at the end of your lease term and we will schedule to pick up your items on your move-out date. If you renew your lease, you will have the option to continue to rent the items you have for the same rental term as your renewal lease. Renewal packages within the same unit will receive a 10% discount.

How will I be charged for my package? Are there any other fees?

There are no hidden fees or extra charges with your rental package.  We only collect your billing and payment information at the time you sign your rental agreement.  The payment method you provide will be charged on the delivery date, and monthly thereafter until the end of your rental term.

What if I don’t like an item in my furniture package?

Simply let us know.  We check each item before and after delivery to ensure no damage, but if you find that something is not to your liking, we will make every effort to find a suitable replacement.  We want you to love the home you live in.

What if I need to cancel my rental early?

Life happens.  Just let us know and we will adjust your rental agreement.  Rentals that are cancelled early or prior to any trial period, will be subject to an early termination fee equal to 50% of the remaining payments of your rental. (E.g. If you have to cancel your rental after 9 months you will pay 50% of the remaining 3 monthly rental payments.)

Can I change my style or package?

Absolutely.  One of our core beliefs is that preferences and needs change over time.  Living well while experiencing new designs and styles should be easy and accessible, not painful and costly.  We constantly edit our styles and product collection to provide you with fresh and inspiring spaces you can call home.
Prior to the end of your rental term you will have the option to renew your rental keeping the same package and style, or refresh your style.  If you decide to refresh your style without changing your package, your monthly rental will remain the same.

If you would like to change your package or style prior to your rental renewal, there is change fee equal to one monthly rental payment of the new style and package you select.

Can I buy my furnishing and decor items?

Yes, you have the option to purchase any of your furniture items at any point during your rental period.  The purchase price of any item will be the retail cost (or adjusted retail cost for any lightly used and renewed items) less the payments made during your rental period.  If you are interested in purchasing any of your items simply Contact Us.